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As a Strength & Conditioning Coach and a Certified Dragon Door Progressive Calisthenics Coach, I have two primary goals. The first is to improve your athletic performance, which usually means improving your speed, strength, and/or power. I take into consideration which sport you participate in and your competition schedule. I will develop systematic training programs for both teams and individual athletes working in close association with team technique/skills coaches.

You will learn proper weight lifting techniques, correct alignment during exercises and an excellent array of post-workout stretches to aid in recovery and help keep you or your team injury free. I will supervise, monitor and motivate you as you work out, assessing your performance before and after the program.

The nature of the conditioning program will vary depending on whether your sport is in season or not. During the off-season, conditioning programs can be quite rigorous. In season, conditioning programs tend to focus more on maintaining your conditioning rather than on improving it.

Conditioning programs also vary by sport, and even by position within the sport.

Strength and Conditioning Coach UlladullaThe second primary goal is to reduce athletic injuries. Our initial session will include a fitness test and assessment of your mobility, flexibility and symmetrical strength.

I will design programs to strengthen body parts that are prone to injury in a particular sport. I will continually assess your training to try and prevent injury during training and competition.

I have been training young athletes, teens, and adults for over 6 years. I can motivate and relate to all ages.

In Ulladulla we have a wonderful community of bodywork professionals and if there were a need for rehabilitation, nutritional advice or mental health help I can point you in the right direction.

 Circus, Ninja, Spartan and gymnastic fitness requires strength, flexibility, mobility, power, and control. I use calisthenics, gymnastics, yoga and circus skills to create a stronger, balanced, resilient body.

CalFit classes at Mollymook Fitness Park 10am Mondays and Fridays 10am

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